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Eat good meat

Meat covers all the meat of an animal that has been raised in problems that are good. This generally means that they have lived in a suitable outdoor atmosphere and should have followed a healthy, natural and adapted diet. It is also essential that the animal was slaughtered with as little anxiety as possible and without suffering. In addition, there is the expertise and know-how of this butcher craftsman and the "art" of cutting meat. Discover : . Finally, for the meat to be useful, the user must cook it. If these conditions are met by us, we will have good meat!

Choosing the right meat

Meat is an essential source of quality protein. These proteins have various interests for people: they participate in the development, strengthening of the skin, muscles... Discover more informations about meat importer directly on the web. Beef provides a wide assortment of pieces, most of which have a moderate as well as low fat content (less than 5 percent: hock, rump, slicer...). Rich in vitamins, beef meat satisfies more than 75% of the recommended intakes of vitamin B12. In the meat are a source of energy and help.

The advantage of butchery

What is great about a 06 butcher is that we can discuss the origin of the requirements that raise creatures and therefore the final quality of the products. After several food scandals, consumers will have to be reassured, a function that the butcher must fulfil to distinguish himself from supermarkets, and the consumer, who becomes a celebrity, must play a positive role in respecting animals and workers is in favour of a healthier and much more appetizing diet. Some artisanal butcher shops go so far as to choose manufacturers who attach importance to the production process. Concern for the welfare of animals, guaranteeing them a living space and food, will also ensure that they are provided with high quality meat at birth, although people do not know it.


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