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Find a quality restaurant

Tired of your pizzeria and looking for new ways? Discover : . How to locate excellent restaurants, cheap restaurants, a setting, a particular atmosphere, specialities that you do not have in your immediate neighbourhood but which could be located a few kilometers from your home? Internet is now your friend who will help you to choose the restaurant of desires and your needs of this moment and find it!

Discover the restaurant's menu

The card is another clue that can put you in touch, without having to go through the restaurant door. Usually in clear view away from the restaurant, until you start looking around, it's a great idea. A card as long as an arm, with several dishes that have nothing to do with each other, should inspire you to run for your life. Choose restaurants that serve seasonal products and offer a consistent menu, a sign of quality and freshness.

What is a tapas bar?

Tapas are classic appetizers for aperitifs, theatres or complete meals, a traditional cuisine,new restaurant concepts, generally composed of a rich assortment of varied taste preparations based on regional Spanish culinary products (delicatessen, fish, poultry, nuts, olives and olive oil...) served with beer, sangria, Spanish wines or alcoholic drinks. You will discover all over the French Riviera and the tapas bars in Nice to discover this concept.


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